2023 Festival Schedule 

Dear Festival enthusiasts,

The 2023 daily schedule is now up! You can download the schedule and the registration form by clicking on the links below.  We will begin our festival on Thursday, September 21st with a “welcome event” at UPTOP, where attendees can meet old friends and new, and maybe play a few tunes or dance in an “opening session”.  There will be a few introductory classes followed by a 4:30 concert in Cuchara, “The Lads at the Dog Bar”.  Thursday evening’s concert will be at the La Veta Mercantile. Friday and Saturday will include a full slate of workshops and demos, culminating each evening with a performance at the Fox Theater in Walsenburg.  (Friday will also feature a free outdoor performance at Miner’s Plaza in Walsenburg at 5:00 PM.)  We will wrap it up Sunday morning with a now familiar “Tea and Scones” free event, including a special Q&A Panel Discussion, and a Sunday afternoon concert.

Our schedule contains some very exciting events this year. Be sure to check out the final schedule!


2023 Schedule Thurs – Fri

2023 Schedule Sat- Sun