2022 Festival Schedule

Dear Festival enthusiasts,

The 2022 daily schedule is now up, and can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.  We will begin our festival on Thursday, September 22nd with a “welcome event”, where attendees can meet old friends and new, and maybe play a few tunes in an “opening session”.  There will be a few introductory classes followed by a 4:30 concert in Cuchara, “The Lads at the Dog Bar,” featuring Jeff Lindblade, Patsy O’Brien, and Eric Thorin.  Friday and Saturday will include a full slate of workshops and demos, culminating each evening with a performance.  We will wrap it up Sunday morning with a now familiar “Tea and Scones” free event, including special musical guests.

We have scheduled some very exciting events this year.  In 2019 we launched a series of workshops on session playing.  We loved the response, and so are building on the concept again this year.  The workshops will be for all instruments, intermediate level and above.  On Friday the fellows from Lunasa and The Bow Tides will be heading up the melody instruments, while Dave Curley, Eric Thorin, and Beth Gadbaw will lead the rhythm group.  The groups will bring it together for Part 2 on Saturday.  Staff notation will be provided in advance for those who register early.

In line with the concept of creating and playing good music, we have a series of classes that follow a “composition” thread. The Bow Tides will be leading workshops on composing a Celtic tune and arranging tunes, and Dave Migoya will be offering a class on dealing with musical variations.

For musicians and non-musicians alike, we will have numerous demo/presentations, led by Patsy O’Brien, Kevin Burke, Colin Farrell, Tommy Byrne, The Byrne Brothers, Beth Gadbaw (singing), Barbara Yule (stories and story-telling), and Don Lowe (Scottish dress and weaponry).

You can download the schedule by clicking on the following two links:



You can also access the mail-in CELTIC FESTIVAL REGISTRATION FORM.