Dear Festival supporters,

The final 2022 schedule is now complete. You may access the full schedule listing by visiting our “Schedule” page.  For your convenience, the workshops are also broken out here.  And you can find the demos here.

For those of you attending the “Session Playing” workshops, the tunes that we will be working on are made available in the following links:

Jig Set (sheet music)

Behind the Haystack (audio)

The One That Was Lost (audio)

The Haunted House (audio)


Jenny Dang the Weaver (sheet music)

Jenny Dang the Weaver (audio)

The Derry Reel (sheet music)

The Derry Reel (audio)

The Milky Way (sheet music)

The Milky Way (audio)

These are provided so that you can become familiar with the tunes before the workshops.  Good luck and have fun!


The following files are provided after the workshops to give you a “before and after” for the jigs and reels.  Enjoy the results of you work!!