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Winifred Horan and Utsav Lal Coming to Spanish Peaks! May 19, 2024 - We are excited to welcome Winifred Horan and Utsav Lal to this year’s list of Festival Artists. Utsav returns to us this year to amaze us with his talent on […]
Spanish Peaks Celtic Festival Line-up! Announcing One for the Foxes! May 7, 2024 - This is the time we have all been waiting for! We are starting to announce our 2024 artist line-up. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting names, pictures, […]
We’re Back!! May 4, 2024 - Although it’s been awhile since we last posted, I want to assure you that the Spanish Peaks Festival is alive and well.  We have been very busy making arrangements with […]

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2024 Featured Performers & Tutors
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The Spanish Peaks Celtic Music Festival is proud to highlight many of the performers that you can look forward to seeing in 2024. Be sure to follow the links below for more information about our 2024 artists!



One For The Foxes join us for the 2024 Festival!


One for the Foxes


Winifred Horan and Utsav Lal coming to Spanish Peaks!




Winifred Horan and Utsav Lal



And, if you’d like to play a role in the Festival…

One of the most striking and enduring qualities of this festival is the sense of ownership that all of you feel about it.  Spanish Peaks belongs to the musicians and to you, our participants. I will always recall what one musician (who hadn’t been able to perform “across the pond” for a while) told me at a late-night session: “This is my Ireland.”  Our collective ownership is one reason why it feels so important to be able to “go live” this year.

Our artists have always recognized that holding an event of this stature, in a Colorado county numbering fewer than 7,000 residents, requires give and take from everyone.  This year is no different.  However, there is an additional challenge for the Festival this year.  We want to meet the bar set in previous years by bringing in the caliber of musicians you have come to expect.  

With that in mind, we are again offering you the opportunity to sponsor one of our artists, or even a concert.  With sponsorship comes an even greater sense of ownership, various perks, and a personal opportunity (if you so choose) to meet the artist you have sponsored.

Below are links to sponsor, as well as other ways to contribute.

1) Check out our Sponsorship page for unique opportunities to participate.  
2) If sponsorship is beyond your means, go to our Donations page to learn about other ways of helping out.
3) And lastly, if you’d like to make a financial donation to the Festival, click on the green button below to go directly to a payment option.