It was brought to the festival’s attention that finding locations can be a bit of a challenge for newcomers to the festival. Be aware that there is a map in the back of the program, and for some of the locations, we will be posting directions here on the website.

The Taste of Things to Come Concert.

At I-25 exit 52, turn onto HWY 69, for 25 miles. The Community center is on the right.



“UpTop Ghost Town” is the remnants of a village located on the old highway over La Veta Pass.  This old portion of Hwy 160 was decommissioned in 1964 and has not been maintained well.  The old road, 5.3 miles in length, connects to “new” Hwy 160 on both the east end and the west end.  Thus, you can reach UpTop by approaching from either the east or west ends of the old road.
Here are the two options for driving to UpTop Ghost Town.
1. The scenic, but very rough, route is certainly passable in a passenger vehicle, but it will be slow and bumpy.  You may find fallen rocks on the road, rock outcroppings, potholes and bumps on a road that is narrow. Traveling west on Hwy 160 toward La Veta Pass, turn left at mile marker 281 onto Huerfano County Road designated as “CR 443” where you’ll also see the sign for “Old La Veta Pass”. Drive 3.5 miles on the old road and you’ll reach UpTop Ghost Town.  Expect 15 minutes to make this 3.5 mile drive.
2. The perhaps less scenic, but faster and smoother option is to drive west on US Hwy 160 (the current route over La Veta Pass) to mile marker 276 (thus, 5 miles west of the turn given in option #1) and turn left at Costilla County Road, designated as “RD SS”.  Go east on that road for 1.8 miles and you’ll reach UpTop Ghost Town.  Expect less than 15 minutes for this route.