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Maire Ni Chathasaigh

Not too many people are referred to as Legends during their life times.  Maire Ni Chathasaigh is a living Legend in the Harp World and the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Harp Retreat is fortunate in having her return for the fourth time as our primary Harp tutor. 

Many of our participants have experienced Maire’s teachings, suggestions and knowledge and feel they owe a lot of their progress to her.  Maire will be teaching the Retreat Class; there will be 10 hours of instruction spread out over FridaySaturday and Sunday. This offering is for the high intermediate through Professional players.  The class size will be limited to ensure individual attention.

“This harp player has reinvented the traditional harp.  She and her S/O, Chris Newman, are indescribable, as his guitar virtuosity joins her musical genius.  How often to you get to hear someone reinvent an instrument, like Miles Davis on trumpet, Ray Charles on piano, along with Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller or Django Reinhardt on guitar, Jerry Mulligan on sax and Maire Ni Chathasaigh on harp.  Really.  Truly.  Good Lord, this woman is a wonder!!”

~Bill Margeson, The Chicago Irish American News