Our board members and the many volunteers who support the Celtic Music Festival are hard at work putting finishing touches on the world-class events that comprise this year’s gathering.  We are pleased to announce that the Festival Office is open for purchasing tickets and dispersing all sorts of important information.  Daily hours from now through Sunday, 25 September, are 9am to 4pm.  We invite you to stop by for a chat and some first-hand advice and to purchase or pick up your tickets.  Our telephone number is 888-950-8807.

Pat McCullough and Barb Yule, Artistic Directors, are finalizing last minute arrangements in order to make sure that performers and festival-goers alike, experience the best of what our little corner of the world has to offer.

Our stalwart Housing and Transportation teams are ready to receive everyone on our stellar list of performers and poised to see them comfortably situated in local accommodations donated by our warm and welcoming host families.

Three world-renowned bands – Altan, The High Kings, and The Outside Track – hailing from Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton, and all parts in between, join us to rock the house this year.  Add to this the legendary duo, Irish harper Maire Ni Chathasaigh and English guitarist Chris Newman, plus a multitude of local and internationally noted and revered performers, teachers, and singers, and you have all the makings of another blockbuster festival.

Our printed programs, which contain daily schedules and performer bios, are the result of a consolidated effort by teams at the Huerfano World Journal in Walsenburg, who set up the copy; My Friend the Printer in Pueblo, who refined and printed the programs; and the many ads contributed by valued local supporters and businesses.  The program lists the sponsors and donors who have so generously contributed to meet the financial needs of the Festival.  Please pick up your program at the Office.

See our first-class website at: www.celticmusicfest.com – graciously created and donated by Koality Web Solutions – which provides all sorts of valuable information and makes on-line registration possible.  Our friends at Celtic Connection in Denver, Huerfano World Journal in Walsenburg, and The Signature Newspaper in La Veta have published articles and ads to help spread the word, and loyal ground workers have blanketed the area with Festival posters.

An army of volunteers is moving into place to take tickets at the 60 plus events on offer during Festival Week.  Fifteen of these events are FREE, open to the public, and don’t require tickets.  What a deal!

Local businesses and residents are gladly anticipating the influx of Festival attendees as a boost to area economies but also because performers and festival-goers bring with them an irrepressible, joyous spirit, always and everywhere on display at the prospect of listening to great music, stories, and songs; singing, dancing, and soaking up Celtic culture; discovering a new talent; or honing skills on a much-loved instrument.  It’s a heady mix.

The excitement is mounting, so won’t you come join us!