February 25 will be a big day for the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival!  For the past 12 years, we’ve brought the best traditional artists to southern Colorado to perform and teach at the festival.  On February 25th, we’ll be bringing an event to the Denver area, and we cordially invite you to attend one or both events.  The day will be devoted to bagpipes and will feature a professional piper both teaching and performing!  During the day of February 25th, we’ll be sponsoring an all-day “Introduction to Scottish Smallpipes Workshop.”

If you’re a piper of any kind, or just interested in learning about an instrument popular in the Scottish Lowlands and Borders regions, then you’ll be thrilled to listen, learn, and perhaps play a set of Scottish smallpipes.  EJ Jones, a professional bagpiper, and winner of numerous awards, plays Scottish Highland, border, and smallpipes.  He’ll be the instructor for the workshop which will be held at the Lakewood United Church of Christ.

On the evening of February 25th, EJ and his band – Frances Cunningham (from Nashville) on bouzouki and Denver’s own Wolf Loescher on percussion – will be in concert at the Englewood Civic Center.
Piper Jones Band is centered around beautifully and energetically played Highland bagpipes and Scottish smallpipes accompanied by the percussive chords of the bouzouki and drum.  In addition to original instrumentals and traditional tunes from Ireland, Scotland, and Appalachia, the group sings powerful harmonies and can lead the audience in traditional Celtic dances.  They bring authentic traditional music in an entertaining form.
Event Sponsors:  Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival, the Scottish Lowlands Families and Clans of Colorado, Kolacny Music, and the Celtic Connection.