Festival Favorite, Tanya Kay Perkins,
Returns in 2018

Music theatre director Jack Bunch said,” When I met Tanya, I had not been inspired as a director since working with Carol Burnette. Tanya has that rare combination of beauty, smarts, and wonderful comic timing. She is a wonderful singer and a magnificent actress. She can be my leading lady for as long as she wants!”

Tanya has been the “leading lady” of song for the Spanish Peaks Celtic Music Festival since 2008, when Scottish singer Alison Bell initiated the festival’s informal singing program where participants could learn favorite traditional songs taught by Festival performers.  That’s when Tanya began teaching her workshop “Take Your Voice Out of the Shower.”  In 2009 Tanya was asked to help develop a regularly scheduled ‘Singing for Fun’ program.  Tanya’s singing workshops have proven to be perennial favorites among festival goers, according to Festival founder, Barbara Yule.  Although Tanya does not claim to be a veteran of the Celtic music scene, she does have extensive experience in teaching singing to students of all skill levels with interests across all musical genres.



As Tanya herself says, “I don’t have any street credits as a Celtic performer, unlike some of the prestigious performers that bring their talents to Spanish Peaks.  However, I can teach you “how” to sing. My goal, especially for my more reticent ‘shower students,’ is to teach them singing techniques so they can have fun and satisfaction singing in a group. I am passionate about teaching new singers and feel strongly that everyone has a voice. Equally, I love helping veterans with subtleties to help elevate their performances.”