Good morning! It’s day one of the 2018 Spanish Peaks Celtic Music Festival (and hopefully you’re here). It won’t be long before the questions come into focus in your still waking mind. Where can I can a cup of coffee or tea? Where do I eat in this town?

Well, there are some options this year. The Festival is partnering this year with Ryan and Kandy Pandolfi to provide catered meals at the La Veta Community Center (#12 on the Festival venue map). Today they are serving a breakfast buffet beginning at 7am and will also be making boxed lunches to take up to Uptop for the 11:00 – 2:00 events. Friday and Saturday will include both breakfast and lunch buffets, and Sunday a lunch offering. You will find their menu and Festival newsletter here.
There are a number of other sipping and eating options as well, which you can review right here or at the bottom of this post.

And lastly, don’t forget about the Saturday evening, pre-concert buffet dinner at Washington School in Walsenburg (the concert venue).  For $18 you can choose from a Celtic Fest Menu 2018

I will updating you soon on Walsenburg options, but know that Festival sponsors La Plaza Inn (118 W. 6th St.), the Daily Perks (110 E. 5th St.), and just opening, The Crafty Canary Brewery (107 E. 5th St), open also for Friday and Saturday late-night session.