Dear Festival followers,

Here we are, nearly a full month into new year, and we’re pleased to announce our 2020 Festival dates.  This year the 16th annual Festival will  run from Thursday, September 17th through Sunday, September 20th.  The Spanish Peaks Piping Retreat will run concurrently, while the Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat will follow the next weekend.  We are currently putting together our artist lineup, and will make those announcements as we get confirmations.

Last year we launched a couple of “series” events that we want to continue in 2020.  One was a series of session – playing workshops, highlighting the distinct roles of playing melody or rhythm, and then bringing it all together.  Our musician teachers did a fantastic job of preparing and presenting the concepts.  We’d are exited to build on the successes of last year’s workshops.  Enjoy the following photo moments from 2019 session series.

2019 Melody Session Playing w/Jessie Burns  (Photo by Bob Kennemer)

2019 Rhythm Session Playing (Photo by Bob Kennemer)

2019 Melody Session Playing w/Jonny  Hardie in Melody  (Photo by Bob Kennemer)

Another series we launched in 2019 was the “Business of Music” series.  Again, our presenters were excellent for this series, and everyone who came left wanting more of the same.  We will look to put both series in prime-time slots this year.  In addition to these two, we will again invite you to enjoy our traditional workshops in dancing, singing, and storytelling.

While we look forward to having artist confirmations to announce, please also look for an announcement that we have activated the online purchase of both Full Festival and Full Concert passes sometime in March.