Tentatively Re-Scheduled for
September 25-27, 2020

We’re still planning, and hoping, that the Spanish Peaks Pipe Retreat will take place this year. Our sponsor, the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival, has announced the cancellation of the Festival for 2019. Given that news, we have the opportunity to move the pipe retreat one weekend later, and join the Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat .

Therefore, tentative plans are to move the Spanish Peaks Pipe Retreat to the weekend of September 25-27. There are a couple of benefits to taking this action. First, the Harp Retreat has hired Tim Cummings to be one of their instructors (their theme is Celtic & Appalachian music this year). We’ll “share” Tim. If we have sufficient enrollment, our other instructor, Rosalind Buda, will be devoting her full attention to the smallpipers. Second, the harpers and pipers have, for the last few years, worked at learning common tunes and playing together. By joining the Harp Retreat, the pipers will have an opportunity to continue that partnership. Playing with other instruments adds a new dimension to our experience.

There are a couple of disclaimers.

Firstly, all of this is contingent on the Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat moving ahead with their plans. We expect their final decision sometime in early August. If they cancel for 2020, we (the Spanish Peaks Pipe Retreat) will have to cancel. If they move forward, we’ll move forward.
Secondly, this does not apply to the uilleann pipe portion of the Spanish Peaks Harp Retreat, which unfortunately is canceled.
If you are interested, or have questions, please contact Jim Conley (director of the Retreat) at prtjim@gmail.com

Note: All Photo Credits in This Article – Debbie Channel (2019)