Dear Festival Followers,
We’re all doing something new this year! At least for most of us, we haven’t done a festival event virtually. So, we’re learning together.

What follows below will hopefully be a guide for you to access your events. If you click on the image you will get a pdf version of the same, and the links will be active.
Each artist will use their own preferred Internet platform, but essentially it will be via either YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, or Skype.

We suggest that if you plan to attend a YouTube event you use the link(s) below to go to that “Channel” and click on the “Subscribe” button on the right side of the page. After clicking on it an image of a bell will appear. By clicking on the bell, and choosing “All,” you should receive event notifications.
By the way, if you subscribe to the Festival Channel you can also see videos of past events (taken by participants) under Playlists.

The only performance not on YouTube will be Dylan Foley’s (Friday, at 5:00 MDT). That will be on Dylan’s Facebook page. I believe that you will need to have a Facebook account to access the event.

If you’re workshop is on Zoom, and if you’ve never used Zoom, please notify us at to ask for guidance.
If your workshop is on Skype you will need to download the program.