So, to begin with, The Bow Tides have not existed as a group before this year’s event. To understand their origin, let’s begin with the leading ladies, Jessie Burns, Ellery Klein, and Katie Grennan. They share the common bond of having all been fiddle players for Gaelic Storm. Despite this bond, this will be their first opportunity to play together.

Jessie has been a long time favorite at our Festival, joined by her band mates in Take Down the Door. When I presented Jessie with the idea of doing something unique and special for us, the idea of The Bow Tides emerged. It is a musical silver lining in our 2020 world, and a truly creative highlight for all of them.

Joining them in this maiden voyage will be bassist Eric Thorin, accordion player John Williams, and guitarists Jeff Lindblade and Jon Sousa.

We sincerely hope that you will join us on Saturday evening at 5:00 pm MDT. You will find The Bow Tides on the Festival YouTube channel.