Good Sunday morning, guitar players,
Did you happen to tune in Friday evening to two fabulous musicians: Dylan Foley and Patsy O’Brien? If so, you are aware of the unique approach that Patsy has to guitar. Well, in case you missed the announcement the first time, here it is again.

“Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar” – An Overview With Patsy O’Brien

What: “Accompanying Irish Music on GuitarAn Overview With Patsy O’Brien

When: Sunday, Sept. 20th, at 2:00 pm MDT

Level: Strong beginner & intermediate

Platform: Patsy’s YouTube channel

In addition to Patsy’s workshop, you have an opportunity for a second guitar workshop. Gustavo Florentino da Cunha “Fofão” comes via Zoom from Belo Horizonte in Brazil. He and his mates from Banda Taverna were a hit at the 2019 Festival. And while his style and music are Celtic, he brings a southern hemispheric flavor to his musicianship.

“In this workshop, we’ll discuss and learn about a variety of ideas that came from different heritages and places around the globe, adding tasteful flavours and colours to the Celtic guitar approach.
From Greece and the Mediterranean, African and Latin Music, Brazilian Genres and even Modern ideas that Rock, Folk and Metal delivers, we’ll taste and experience the results inside some of the traditional repertoire.”

“Different Spices for the Celtic Guitar”

What: “Different Spices for the Celtic Guitar”

When: Sunday, Sept. 20th, at 3:00 pm MDT

Level: Intermediate

Platform: Zoom Live (contact