Dear Festival lovers,

We have a variety of updates to announce.

First, we are in the final stages of completing the schedule and overall program.  We will be announcing through this channel when the schedule is published on the website, as well as the availability and prices of tickets.  We know that some confusion resulted from the 2020 info still remaining on the website.  That has been removed.

Second, we are currently announcing each of our artists individually, and going into a deeper dive on the homepage with each.  We will be updating artist content, and links to other content, on an ongoing basis, so check back for the artists that you are interested in for any changes.

Third, as we have mentioned before, there are still opportunities to sponsor individual artists or events this year.  This is a higher level of donation, and comes with perks if you, as a sponsor, are interested.  The greatest perk is knowing that you have played a special role in making this year’s festival possible.  We believe that we have assembled an exceptional lineup this year, which comes with some risk with some of remaining unknowns.  For more information, check out the Sponsorship page.

Speaking of the unknowns, the most obvious remains the COVID situation.  As we have mentioned before, our approach is to remind everyone that we are a unique community of shared passion for Celtic music and culture, and to come to the Festival this year mindful that we also have diverse conclusions and choices regarding COVID.  Please make all of your choices ones that respect others in equal measure as they respect yourself.

As a teaser, and a reminder of our shared community, we end today with a couple of images from our 2019 Session Playing Workshop.

Photo credit – Bob Kennemer

Photo credit – Bob Kennemer