Sam Sortore – President

As I sit in my window watching the snow fall, sipping an espresso, I am thinking about all the things that must happen between now and September that will help make the Celtic Festival a reality. Not only things that must happen, but things that must be considered, thought about, discussed, planned, discussed again, re-planned, and on and on.  We have an opportunity to bring back a live festival that so many people plan for and enjoy. The workshops and classes where musicians of all abilities learn new skills and meet new people – the events in the schools where children are exposed to music from different cultures – the late-night sessions where folks play, laugh, enjoy the company of new friends and old – and the wonderful concerts, where terrific musicians share their music and musicianship – all of these things, as well as our amazing location, make our Festival a truly wonderful experience.

I am also struck by the willingness of the community to help with this festival.  For a brief period of time, we all become a Celtic community, sharing in the Celtic experience. I am thinking how early it seems, yet how quickly time will pass – and that the Festival will be tomorrow. We have now been two years without a live Festival.  Many folks that have been so involved with us in the past have moved on to other locations or endeavors.  Even so, the excitement is being felt by the community.  We will be calling on our regular helpers, but we are also looking for new folks with new ideas as we begin planning for a new festival.  More details will be coming, but we will be looking for help in a number of different areas. Please watch for announcements on how you can help as we move forward in planning for the 2022 Celtic Festival.

Meanwhile, it’s time for another espresso…