Sam Sortore, Board President

Of the many things the last two years taught us, there are two that particularly stand out.  The first is that change is inevitable and not always a bad thing.  The second is that moving forward in the face of change involves a degree of risk, both for the individual and for an organization. If only we had a crystal ball…

As I mentioned in my last post, the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival is facing change, both internal and external.  We have many local changes – to businesses, restaurants, venues, lodging, etc. that will cause us to adjust many of the things we “used to do”.  And we have seen changes to our internal structure and the people we depend on as well.

For the upcoming Festival, we will be looking for the “new and fresh” to complement the “tried and true”.  We are looking for one new Festival Board member to round out our wonderful cadre of talented and dedicated individuals.  We will also be looking for a new Festival Administrator.

This may come as a surprise to many, but our long time Festival Administrator (Jonathan James) has decided to step down in order to pursue some new interests.  Jonathan has done a magnificent job (for which he has my eternal gratitude) and will truly be missed in this role.  The good news is that we will still see him around as one of our key volunteers.

At this time, we have these two key positions open and are looking for individuals that love Celtic music and culture and who want to make a positive impact.  If you are interested in filling our Board vacancy (a volunteer position), please contact me through the Festival email ( for more information.  I would love the chance to speak with you about this opportunity.

If you are interested in the Festival Administrator position (a paid position), you can find more information by following this link to the job description.   And you may also contact me with any questions you may have regarding the Administrator position, also through the Festival email.  We would like to fill this position by early spring.

We are planning on a rich and vibrant Festival this year.  Although too early to announce performers, we have our eyes on several wonderful opportunities.  I would ask you to consider being a part of our team, either as a Board member or as Festival Administrator.  (There will also be many volunteer opportunities that arise as we get closer to the Festival.)

As always, thanks for supporting the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival!

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